4.0.0 Release Notes

Brand new web client for desktop and tablets
  • scrollable grids
  • readable urls
  • browser history
  • google analytics
  • pdf print preview and print
Major update of the UI
  • fast find added to the universal list
  • fast find on the toolbar collapsed to one button
  • textured background to navigation and UL
  • converted to css3 styling for fonts and all servoy objects
  • form in dialogs styling
  • UL actions added to toolbar as well
  • new default actions for transactions: edit, save and cancel
Exclusive web customizations and improvements to Servoy web client
  • new calendar picker to replace servoy’s default
  • new comboboxes to replace browser defaults (which are inconsistent)
  • new UI busy notification (replaces servoy’s “loading…”)
For Servoy 6.1.3 and up
  • leverages all the web capabilities of the latest version of servoy
Dedicated website
  • can scale support to many developers and organizations

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