The Data Sutra API provides high level code helper functions, triggers for UI actions, and meta data handling.

Usage notes

The Data Sutra API is documented using the latest JSDocs. This gives you code completion and inline code hinting.

To use in an API function, start by typing scopes.DS. and available nodes and functions with a documentation appear as you choose items.

Additionally, hovering over any item in an API call will bring up docs for that node or function in a tooltip.



Data objects for the current user session. Sub-objects are not listed here as there is a ton of data. You can inspect the contents of each object several ways (see this post).

  • credentials
  • solution
  • navigation


Methods to handling printing.

  • preview (reportName,PDFByteArray)
  • download (reportName,PDFByteArray)
  • trigger (registry)
  • utils
    • convertToPDFByteArray
      • fromServoyForm(formName)
      • fromWakandaPage(html file)
      • fromHTMLData(html)
      • fromHTMLURL(url)
    • getPDFByteArray
      • fromFileSystem(location)
      • fromMediaLibrary(location)
      • fromSQLQuery(query string)


Methods for handling transactions (web client only).

  • start(record)
  • save(record,onlyRecord)
  • cancel(record)
  • getStatus()
  • toggle(form,toggle)

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