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The Data Sutra Application Management Platform

Are your business applications outdated?

Ok guys, really—where did you steal this application framework from? The level of polish on this is insane. Excellent!  (More quotes...)

Don't start with a blank slate. Start with the most advanced Servoy-based application platform on the planet.

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Everything you need to build a great app

Why are there so many garbage apps in the world?

Simple. You start out with the intent of solving a problem and soon find out that you need all this “other stuff”: navigation, security, integration with external data sources, good looking templates, easy deployment, etc.

Data Sutra is the result of 1,000's of hours spent on the “other stuff”. The grunt work has been done for you.

Spend your time solving problems, not coding app stuff

A great UX easily adopted by your users

Data Sutra has a familiar and intuitive "consumer" application layout and functionality. Adaptive workspaces, screen and record navigation, configurable lists, contextual menus, centralized searching, filter engine, inline help system, main workflow area, sidebar workflow area, accessible reports — all consistently organized and styled with our "grid" theme.

The result is no clutter, no digging — everything is at your fingertips and easily discoverable. The eye naturally flows across the screen to pick out relevant information immediately. And when that extra bit of help is needed, inline help and tooltips are right where they are needed.

Reduce user training and accelerate adoption rates

Extreme power out-of-the-box

Data Sutra comes includes tons of stuff you don't have to code: layout manager, navigation manager, record navigator, solution preferences, user created lists, fast find, find and replace, action menus, filter builder, automatic transactions, report manager, toolbars, sidebars, user preferences, value list manager, tooltip manager, inline user feedback, i18n manager, code library, API, Grid theme, form templates, sample solutions, meta data reports, large solution organization guidelines and pluggable architecture, smart and web client, advanced UX, etc.

Be productive immediately

Exclusive web client customizations

Data Sutra implements many of the latest html5 techniques that go beyond what Servoy offers. Customizations include: browser and platform detection, a rockin' date picker, wrappers for various browsers and platforms, elegant spinner notification for blocking actions, registration and login widgets to include on external websites, "pretty" URLs, unique URLs for each screen and record, browser history buttons enabled, google analytics, scrollbar styling, URL rewrites for SaaS deployments, session tracking, report preview and printing, etc.

You get the latest bells and whistles

Pluggable pre-built applications

There is a growing collection of 3rd party modules for various business tasks (CRM, CMS, mailers, documents, charting, etc) that you can plug into your solution.

As if Data Sutra wasn't enough of a head start

Security in a mobile world

Our security module implements a robust 3-tier restriction plan: views, records and functionality. With our management screens, you can quickly assign what a user can see, what records they have access to, and what they can do while there.

To this we added SaaS deployment capability with our organization and user abstraction, bank-level password controls, connection to external users store, logging of all user actions, realtime session monitoring, and a login widget to include on external websites.

Lastly, your data is encrypted from point to point via HTTPS.

Rest’s taken care of


A full featured IDE with a visual form editor and server-side java script. Debugger, team sharing, code hints and warnings, large collection of native plugins, access to all eclipse plugins, JDBC connect to all databases, etc. Servoy's website.

Spend your time developing

Flexible deployment

Deploy to many users and many organizations (SaaS) from the cloud or on premise. Use any SQL database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, etc). Run from any Java server (Tomcat, JBoss, Jetty, WebSphere, etc).

Leverage your existing assets

Low barrier of entry

New to Servoy? Need to get knock something out fast? Don't know where to start with a large project?

With our many templates, code examples, built-in functionality, design patterns, coding conventions and modular concepts — Data Sutra significantly reduces your development learning curve and encourages good development practices.

Go ahead, build a great application...the first time